By Matt Rooney

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Songs have been sung and legends told about the great duo known as Rooney and Bahgootz. Some say they are descendants of the god Zeus who with his magic lightning bolts cast them down from the heavens like a mighty javelin, gracing mankind with their gifts for wordplay and impressions of Martin Landau. Others will say they are nothing more than hopeless drifters going from town to town, solving mysteries with their pet squirrels--Dolce and Gabbana. 

But the most accurate account of their existence lies in the minds of the ones they call their "Mothers", and are no more than two childhood friends from Cheyenne, Wyoming who dream of seeing their names in lights along the most grand of palace's. But, lacking in talent or skill, decided to form a blog instead focusing on those that do. 

That is the essence of Jargon, and we would like you to join them for that journey. They may forget it exists now and again, but hey, they got A LOT of stuff going on.

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