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Henry Cavill confirms "Dawn of Justice" one film

Posted by jargononline on January 12, 2015 at 7:10 PM

Time to pop the bubbly! After much crying, worrying, pacing and more crying it turns out that the internet rumor about “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” being spilt into two films has been proven false—and by the Man of Steel himself.

Henry Cavill, known the world round as Superman, told Variety that the upcoming DC film will remain one whole movie. Everyone take a moment to take a deep breath and thank whatever god you believe.

Not that I’m opposed to splitting up movies. I think we have seen some done right, like “Harry Potter”, and others done horribly wrong, like “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games”. Then there is “The Hobbit” which didn’t exactly blow minds as three movies but maybe could’ve been better as two. Who knows about that black sheep, though.

However, when I heard this rumor I couldn’t help but faint like a Georgia peach in the summer. This had to be bad news after all the confirmations about new characters and a massive plot that seemed to come out of nowhere. Splitting the movie into two parts probably meant the studio had little faith the movie would work as one movie and maybe splitting the two would space it out and make it all easier to swallow. In short, I meant the movie was shaping up to be a big dud as a single film.

Though after a few days locked in my room, curled up in a ball, I am happy to hear that this is not the case. Even though Cavill isn’t exactly calling the shots I trust it when he says it will stay one movie. I mean, why do I have reason to doubt Superman? That’s just foolish.

Here’s the image that started it all, the one showing an image from the upcoming teaser where it shows the titles for the separate movies: “Enter the Knight” and “Dawn of Justice”.



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