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Spidey rumored to swing into The Avengers

Posted by jargononline on January 15, 2015 at 10:20 PM

*UPDATE* Cinema Blend also reports that Sony has released a statement saying that these are "old rumors" and that no such negotiations are taking place. They lie!

Looks like the Avengers could be wrapped in a spiders webs—Spider-Man’s webs to be exact. This is at least according to the latest rumors swirling around the geeksvere.

According to Cinema Blend (who heard it from Latino Review who heard it from Becky down the street) negotiations are still on the table between Sony and Marvel regarding the film rights to Spider-Man. The most notable piece of information claims that Spider-Man will now exist in the same cinematic universe as Marvel’s current roster. This supports reports made late last year that claimed that Sony was considering handing back the rights to the character to Marvel and that he would be featured in the upcoming Captain America sequel, "Civil War".

However, Blend also mentions how Spider-Man will most likely not appear in Civil War but instead in "The Avengers: Infinity Wars" parts 1 & 2. Not only does this compliment statements that say by that film the roster of the team will be completely different, but it’s also really friggin awesome.

Now this is all speculation, as is most news, but it’s exciting nonetheless. Sure, there is a great chance Sony will never give up its golden goose to the competition, especially given the big plans for Spidey sequels on the works. But I can see some sort of inter-studio cooperation taking place.

For instance, before Disney owned Marvel Studios all rights belonged to Paramount. As a stipulation of the buyout Paramount said that its logo must remain on all Blu-Ray releases of future films. You can see it if you own any of them (at least as recent as "Iron Man 3"). It isn’t much, but I can imagine Sony asking for a similar deal. Marvel can use character, as long as they remain branding rights or something like that. Everyone gets paid, and Spidey gets the proper cinematic treatment.

Until there is a confirmation there is no telling what is going on with this issue. Everyone and their mothers want the Wall-Crawler to go back to Marvel so he can get the right movie going. It doesn’t seem like Sony will ever give full control to Marvel, so this may be the closest we get—which is fine with me. Anything to see Spider-Man and Doctor Strange occupying the same space.


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